Salvador Francis

Salvador Francis

Title: Executive Head of Customer Experience

Company: Cell C

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Building cx endurance in times of uncertainty


Proactive companies understand that the actions they take now will determine whether they ultimately deepen their relationship with customers during turbulent times or erode it. Cell C has a customer first approach which has earned us the reputation for being a consumer champion. In recognition, we have received the Overall Telecommunications Industry Award at the Ask Afrika Orange Index® Awards for customer service two years in a row.


Most companies have a blend of high tech and high touch CX systems. But, our uncertain economic and social climate mean that businesses need to go back to the basics that drive a strong CXM ecosystem, where the human experience is essential. And, while doing so, mitigate risk. This requires leveraging information resources that are on hand, while adapting the CXM ecosystem to enable a long-term view and maximising operational alignment.

An ever-increasing demand for connectivity, especially data, along with a tough economic climate means that customers will remain loyal only if they’re receiving value, good network coverage and excellent customer service from their mobile provider. Cell C will present a unique perspective on operating within a shrinking economy while implementing a customer first business strategy.

Cell C’s progress on its turnaround strategy has focused on operational efficiencies. The mobile industry in South Africa is highly competitive, with low subscriber loyalty as they look to secure the best deal and service. Products don't pay you money. Customers do. So why do we build P&Ls around product lines?

About the speaker

Salvador Francis is Executive Head of Customer Experience at Cell C. In this role, he is responsible for the design and implementation of customer experience across the various touchpoints within Cell C. 

This includes business improvements such as reducing customer effort, improving ratings by customers, and reducing customer churn as a result of enhanced CX. His secondary focus is on business operations management where he is responsible for workforce management and vendor management – specifically in driving efficiencies from outsourced partners. This dual role is a culmination of over 25 years working in the industry in companies such as Cell C, Telkom, and Vodacom, among others.

Cell C is the recipient of numerous awards for its customer service and Salvador has played a vital role in its being recognised so consistently. He is committed to building a workforce that is empathetic, committed and solutions driven. His mission is to pursue a design philosophy that is focused on shaping a positive perception of the Cell C brand, while setting up structures for a one-stop customer journey that continues to surprise customers through its efficiency. 

Salvador’s core skills in operation management and solving problems make him well-positioned to usher Cell C’s customer experience to the next level.
With a Bachlelors of Business Administration from UNISA and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Salvador also holds an MBA in Strategic Management Practice from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.