Sarina de Beer | South Africa

Sarina de Beer | South Africa

Title: Managing Director

Company: Ask Afrika

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Coronavirus is accelerating business transformation


The Coronavirus is accelerating business transformation, and although it may be a crisis, it also presents an incredible opportunity for organisational change. In these uncertain times it is critical to reassure your employees that while everything is evolving rapidly, your organisation values them and their unique experience and contribution. Employees who don’t feel safe, supported, or emotionally secure, cannot be engaged, productive or innovative, which will have an impact on your business, your customer experience and output. 


Our employees are customers too and understanding the socio-psychological elements and discourse, will allow adaptability and agility in a time where it is at its highest demands.
Our mission is to always drive a customer discourse across industries to try and keep up with changing needs and behaviour. We applied trends across industries to understand:

  • Ask Afrika Orange Index (CX benchmark) where we elicit a deeper understanding of what exactly clients expect from the companies they do business with in the CX landscape, and how this could be changing.
  • COVID behavioural and emotional tracker where we conduct weekly interviews with citizens to stay abreast of how life has changed with a better understanding of what citizens are going through, what they think and feel and fear and expect. It gives us insight into the hearts and minds of people and how it impacts their CX expectations.
  • COVID employee trackers, CX are delivered by employees, that just like customers and citizens have their own COVID fears, feelings and experiences, shaping how they show up. Collectively this shapes how clients receive CX engagements.

This triangulated understanding changes the narrative of what client centricity means, the dimensions to be considered, the interdependencies and the operational challenges and considerations to be taken into account when we try to drive relevant and authentic CX experiences in our companies.

About the speaker

Sarina de Beer has two master’s degrees in Psychology and Research Psychology. She started her career as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria, where a driving ambition was born to become a respected researcher. 

This drive flourished at Ask Afrika where she managed to create a synergy between business consulting and research. Sarina has successfully blurred the lines between research and the consultation of business-driven clients to ensure that they derive commercial value from research. 

And – as businesses face much larger, more complex challenges, impacting their ability to drive excellence – Sarina is focused on helping to enable business to become and remain relevant. Her focus is on better navigating client pain points, understanding how this affects them and directing her clients with understanding and context.

Her business exposure lies across a range of industries and she has a passion for identifying social trends that impact brand expectations in the financial-services sector and the media industry.

Together with her team, Sarina is focused on understanding the “why” around research strategy, instead of the “what” by taking a futuristic outlook when it comes to research strategy. Businesses are facing dynamic challenges in achieving excellence and, therefore, Sarina believes it is critical to help them remain relevant in an increasingly complex market, through guiding them with real understanding and context. This approach has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making.

She is highly committed to the return on investment of human capital, and this is evident by the trust that the employees place in her. Her leisure time is spent with her family, reading and going to the theatre.

About Ask Afrika

Ask Afrika is a Decisioneering company. We support our clients’ decisions through facts. Our clients’ decision requirements are around social research and philanthropy, experience measures and consulting and brand dynamics.

Social research decisions are required around HIV/Aids and most recently Covid19. Educational and early childhood development, fair-trade shopping, media and financial research are some of the areas we love to work in. NGO’s, Public- and Private Sector clients work with us to get the pulse of nations.

Besides being decisioneers in brand and customer experience research, Ask Afrika is well known for creating some of the most useful, go-to industry benchmarks, including the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Ask Afrika Icon Brands®, the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands and the Target Group Index (TGI). Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and the Target Group Index (TGI) survey, which measures psychographics, service, products, media and brands, has been used by the majority of the top 50 advertisers and media owners in South Africa for nearly two decades.

Our clients operate across various industries; including retail, telecoms, finance, and the public sector. We offer tailor-made and ready-to-use offerings for all our clients regardless of the size of project.

We are brave, agile, vibrant and experimental. We apply deep thinking and are great in everything we do, to make an impact that matters.

With us, you can make game-changing business decisions confidently.