Sirte Pihlaja | Finland

Sirte Pihlaja | Finland

Title: CEO, Customer Experience Optimiser

Company: Shirute

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Fast-tracking customer thinking - Get Serious With The New Building Blocks of Customer Experience


Your company has defined customer experience as a strategic asset to stand out from the competition. With this goal in mind, you want to change the customer thinking of your organisation. And you are looking to do this in a way that makes it a true part of your company DNA. But how do you make the change happen?


In order to reach your CX goals and ensure the success of your CX transformation journey - faster than your competition - you should start thinking about your customer experiences in a radically new fashion. Because the employee experience is such a big part of how your customers experience your organisation, it is important that you can involve every level of the organisation with speed and ease. LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is a creative and disruptive means to grow your business through unique and unforgettable customer and employee experiences. It helps you to fast-track your organisation’s focus on customers, and is a fun way to develop your business encounters to better people experiences.

Give your brain a hand! In this 1-hour keynote & hands-on session, Sirte Pihlaja, CEO and Customer Experience Optimiser at Shirute Ltd, will introduce the innovative toolbox of LEGO® Serious Play® materials and methodology in a fun and engaging way. She will explain how to solve complex challenges, turn the abstract to concrete and achieve a common customer understanding using play and creativity.

Sirte advises companies in a range of industries on how to use LSP to reach their customers and turn CX into a serious profit-making engine - brick by brick. Now it’s your turn to get hands-on building CX with LEGOs! Get ready for experiencing what it is like to play, create and express your ideas by building models and sharing the narratives around them together, to build better people experiences.

About the speaker

Sirte Pihlaja is the CEO of Shirute Ltd, the first customer experience agency in Finland. She is also heading the activities of the global Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) in Finland, Member of the International Advisory Committee and one of the Association's Founding Members.

Sirte is an internationally recognised CX expert, coach, designer and strategist with over 20 years of experience in advising large corporations and brands in industries varying across banking & insurance, hotel & travel, fashion, gaming, health, media, public sector, retail, and telecom. At Shirute, she delivers creative solutions in customer experience management, research and experience design, CX culture, data analytics, voice of customer, and delivering solutions through omnichannel CX & service design.

Sirte is known for translating customer understanding to concrete actions and results in a fast and cost-efficient way. She has acted as Business Manager, Board Member, Lead Strategist and Service Design Lead at Accenture, Tieto and Fjord and for over 10 years as a journalist in international media. 

Sirte (M.Sc.) has been studying journalism, political sciences and computer science and graduated from the University of Helsinki, Helsinki School of Economics (Aalto University), La Sorbonne and Swedish School of Social Science. She has strong language skills, working in Finnish, French, English and Swedish.