Soum Rakshit

Soum Rakshit

Title: CEO & Founder

Company: Mystery Vibe

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Creating personalised body-adapting award-winning sexual health toys

  • Navigating the restrictions in the sexual wellness market to scale direct to consumer sales.
  • The sexual wellness market is worth $37billion and growing rapidly. Lessons from this market can be applied to other restrictive fast growing markets like Cannabis.
  • How we used a mixture of customer insights, product additions and specific SEO growth to triple our on-site conversion within 3 months.

About the speaker

Dr. Soum Rakshit is the Co-Founder & CEO of British sexual health brand, MysteryVibe. Their mission is to make sexual health as commonplace as general health and help us be our best self.

He focuses on pushing the boundaries on R&D, customer experience and changing perceptions around sexual health in a positive, empowering way. He passionately believes that we can improve our overall quality of life, especially as we age, by improving access to better sexual health.

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