Stefan Osthaus

Stefan Osthaus

Title: President

Company: Customer Institute

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Stream 1: PX and Culture for Care

Experience Fundamentals I:
The Role of Culture in Your Experience Strategy

To launch us into PX2020, Stefan will give us the industry’s best practice view on how an experience initiative is structured and which important role culture plays in every customer or patient centric organization. 

We will look at the key elements of every experience strategy and then dive-into culture as one of the key elements. You will hear how leaders in winning organizations behave and how culture can be changed. You will learn how to overcome internal inertia and push-back when you try to improve your patients’ experience.

This session gives you the context and foundation for day 1 at PX2020.

Stream 2: The Future of Health Care and the Digital Experience

Experience Fundamentals II:
The Right and the Wrong Ways of Digitizing your Patients’ Experience

In the world of Customer Experience, the concept of satisfying or delighting customers is key in making them loyal and creating recurring business from them. How does that translate into the world of Patient Experience? And which role do the concepts of effect, effort, and emotion play when designing and measuring experiences. 

This session will provide you with the foundation for day 2 of PX2020 and show how digitizing experiences can go right or wrong. We will explore the role of humans and the potential for digital in health care to conclude the optimal mix of the two in the everlasting dilemma between cost and experience.

Stream 3: Designing for Experience

Experience Fundamentals III:
Listening Well and Acting on What you Hear!

To design the best possible experience for our patients, we need to precisely understand the needs, emotions, preferences, and influencing factors of each step within the patient’s journey. The voice of the patient is usually captured through diverse channels and methods in the voice-of-the-patient program. In this session, you will hear how the Patient

Experience is visualized in a patient journey map and how the voice-of-the-patient is then systematically collected at those touch points that matter most.
However, there is more and you can listen in several other ways, as you will learn in this session, which provides you with the foundation for day 3 of PX2020: The voice-of-the-employee is how you listen to your staff in an engaging and insightful way. You will hear best practices and actionable tips on how to design your VoE program and how to best act on what you hear.

Lastly, in this session, we will look at the voice-of-the-process – your available performance metrics from across the organization, and how to aggregate them into meaningful experience information.

Listening well and acting on what you hear is your number 1 success factor in designing for experience.

Stream 4: PX & Critical Communication

Experience fundamentals IV:
The main pitfalls of every experience initiative and how to avoid them

As we are launching into the final day of PX2020 it is time to hear from Stefan what organisations around the globe are struggling with in their experience initiatives.

How can they prove to their executives that investments in better experiences pay off? What kind of organisational set-up is needed to succeed? Which leadership behaviour is poisonous and which one supporting great experiences and patient focus? Does an experience initiative need a big budget or how far can we get on a shoestring? What do you answer to a leader in your organization who does not want to support your experience initiative because his team is “already too busy with other things”?

So, while you are finalising your action plan from all the great insight you heard over the past three days and will be hearing today, brace yourself for the pitfalls and get ready to master them without losing momentum

Stefan’s focus is on the link between Employee Experience and Customer Experience. With 20 years of leadership experience, he now provides Life Balance advice to users, audiences and corporate employees around the world.

About the speaker

Stefan’s work with Fortune 500 multinationals and government institutions has positively impacted the lives of over 500 million customers and hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. His passion for helping organizations become more customer centric starts with people. 

As an executive, consultant, speaker, and president of the Customer Institute, Stefan guides leaders and their teams to make the professional—and the personal—changes needed to be successful during the pivots that define their and their companies’ futures. As an evangelist for better business design, Stefan speaks globally and writes regularly.