Steve Koch

Steve Koch

Title: Senior Vice-President, Co-Founder

Company: Cast & Hue

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Strategic Innovation with Human-Centered Design in the Emergency Department


With a focus on enhancing patient, family and employee experiences, Baystate Health’s commitment to human-centered design fostered change in the busiest emergency department in Massachusetts. Baystate’s leader of consumer strategy and its chief of patient experience partnered with Cast & Hue to begin this journey. 

Baystate selected a cross-functional team that would engage patients and families in workshops to understand, empathize, and together create scenarios to better meet the needs of patients. Join us to discuss the impact of human-centered design and opportunities to add value to experiences for patients, families, and staff through empathy, engagement, and innovation.


Baystate Health, the largest private employer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a dedicated healthcare system with the busiest emergency department in the state. Baystate Health has passion for patient experience, and serving their patient population in the most effective way possible. The leader of consumer strategy and chief of patient experience saw opportunity within a new way of patient engagement, and sought to bring human-centered design to their teams. To begin this journey they partnered with patient experience consultancy, Cast & Hue. 

Cast & Hue has a proven track record of creating exceptional experiences within a variety of verticals, with an emphasis on patient experience. The researchers and strategists worked with Baystate to understand the unique particulars of their organization and customer base in order to craft a custom approach for research and innovation over a six month period including ethnography, interviews, journey mapping workshops, design thinking workshops, and experience design.

Baystate selected a cross-functional team that would become the champions of mindset change throughout Baystate Health for the future by completing training on human-centered design. 

During the project this team received hands-on training from Cast & Hue for interview and workshop facilitation, and aided in the execution of research and innovation. The partnership between Baystate trainees and Cast & Hue facilitators created a foundation for future human-centered practices to be integrated into the Baystate organization in a variety of different departments and roles.

During this session we will discuss the project challenges, approach, execution, and the many pathways Baystate has engaged their staff and patients since the onset of this work in 2019.

Learning Objectives:
1. Think differently about challenges within their organizations and how to approach them with human-centered design.
2. Consider ways to create lasting, transformational change within their organization by engaging with cross-functional teams.
3. Identify the best opportunities to incorporate journey mapping and team training into strategic initiatives.

About the speaker

Cast & Hue designs customer and patient experiences that foster loyalty between our clients and the people they serve, accelerating growth and innovation while minimizing frustration. Our work is empathy-driven, human-centered, highly rigorous and relentlessly practical. 

Utilizing a design thinking mindset, we are a dedicated partner that promises to find meaningful ways for our clients to grow, and we have a track record of creating exceptional experiences in healthcare settings and beyond.

Cast & Hue exists to help our clients understand their patients’ emotional and functional needs in order to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors and deliver improved satisfaction, more recommendations, increased loyalty, and better outcomes.

In his career, Steve has partnered with many remarkable brands and organizations. Through it all, his focus has always been on developing a better understanding of consumers in order to create superior experiences. As Senior Vice-President and Co-founder of Cast & Hue, he considers himself privileged to be part of the team as they utilize human-centered design to partner with clients and those they serve, using empathy to better understand customer and patient journeys and co-create exceptional experiences. Some of the clients he has managed include Nebraska Medicine, OhioHealth, Kroger, MedStar Health, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Northern Arizona Healthcare, Sharp Health, Aetna, and many other organizations.