Steven Jacobs

Steven Jacobs

Title: Area Director

Company: HSBC Bank

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Creating raving fans for your CX technology strategy


Companies spend a great deal of time and money developing analytics, BIG DATA, VOC, NPS, and a whole load of KPI’s, however often their strategy is neglected when it comes to their people. Are their people on-board for the new changes that the company is about to roll-out? In practical terms are their teams engaged and champions of what is coming? 


The focus of the discussion will be to spark thoughts and discussion on how engaged their own people are with regards to the great technological advances they are making. Do they even have an engagement plan or is it simply to do a short one-hour presentation one week before roll-out? What if they flipped this? What if their people were part of their A.I. strategy? 

Who, What, Why, Where, How and When – These need to be addressed to enable an organisation to have a spectacular execution plan for their new customer CX technology led strategy.

The talk will be motivational and inspiring (full of practical case studies of great technology led CX but poor execution)

About the speaker

Steven Jacobs has over 24 years of experience in the corporate environment and has worked for many multinational companies such as Standard Chartered Bank, ABSA Barclays, Standard Bank and Nedbank. 

He has had the privilege of leading hundreds of people in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. In these years there have been some major success stories such as seeing many of those he has led promoted into many different positions. There has also been many failures. In all these experiences gained over many years Steven has learnt that there truly is a need for humility in order to learn from those who walked the path before you. 

Steven is extremely passionate about helping people achieve all they were created to become and the role the leader plays in facilitating growth in those they lead. Steven has a Masters degree in Business Administration through Oxford Brookes University in the UK as well as a Post graduate diploma in financial planning through Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He is married to an amazing wife and has four beautiful children.


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