Tanya Phillips

Tanya Phillips

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Genii Analytics

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Tanya Phillips is an accomplished and enthusiastic leader within the Call Centre Industry. As Operations Director for some of the leading Outsource Providers in South Africa she has developed comprehensive experience, including multi-site management, inbound and outbound operations and in-sourced, outsourced and co-sourced solutions. 

Her experience extends to project management and implementation of new contact centres as well as improving existing contact centre operations in both an operational and strategic management role, both locally and abroad.

In a more recent role - Vice President: Customer Experience and Managing Executive: Shared Services, Tanya focussed extensively on building robust analytical frameworks that transform quality data into meaningful insights that motivate and drive operational and organisational change. 

Today, as COO of Genii Analytics, a Customer Service Analytics and Solutions Company, Tanya is responsible for all operations and delivery within the company. 

Tanya Phillips holds a MBA, formal qualification in HR Management and has certification in COPC: High Performance Management Techniques and COPC: Quality Playbook with honours.

Tanya is an active participant in various industry efforts and organisations and has won numerous related local and international awards, both individually and as part of the teams she has represented.

Presentation overview

Leveraging Data in your call centre

  • Transform your quality team into a value adding listening post by deploying analytics and insights
  • Turn your centre into a strategic asset by leveraging data to drive strategic change
  • Use insights to drive transformation within your organisation to future proof your organisation
  • Understand how analytics and machine learning is transforming the modern call centre

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