Tom van der Lubbe | Switzerland

Tom van der Lubbe | Switzerland

Title: Co-Founder Viisi, Advisor & Speaker

Company: Viisi

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Tom is the Co-Founder of Viisi NV, the finance service company that offers customized mortgage solutions for highly educated customers.

Prior to Viisi, Tom worked for MLP, where he was responsible for the Dutch and Swiss subsidiaries. Before that he started his professional career as a consultant at McKinsey.

Tom also acts as an advisor and board member for startups and corporates, entrepreneurial and cultural initiatives.

Tom studied history, law and politics in Leiden in The Netherlands, at Sciences Po in Paris and at the Free University in Berlin.

My mission: I believe we should leave the world in a better shape than it was when we were born.

I experienced that life can be very short, when I had cancer when I was 20. So I want to spend my time on things that matter. I believe in a "why" of individuals and organisations. The "why" is the motivational engine that gives fullfilment in what we do.

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