Willem Gous | South Africa

Willem Gous | South Africa

Title: Founder

Company: The Human Entrepreneur

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Try walking in my shoes - changing the human behaviours that drive critical business results, quickly and with less risk.


A change, or improvement in business results, require a change in human behaviour, that can be customers, users, suppliers, partners or employees. Merely changing a system, a customer journey, or an initiative and not taking a change in human behaviour into account is bound to fail.


At the core of business success lie successful human behaviours. But changing human behaviour always has and will always be difficult. That is why it is why so many people choose to stay at the 35,000 level and hypothesise, strategise and create models that drive business results and never get into the uncomfortable, unpredictable world of human behaviour change.

This reluctance to bring human behaviour into the picture, in a measurable, trackable and clearly executed fashion resulted in many execs not supporting or avoiding customer experience initiatives. Can you blame them? But this is about to change.

Leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation speaker and consultant Willem Gous, shares his innovative approach to changing the human behaviours that drive critical business results with the least risk and cost of failure.

An approach that facilitates a data driven conversation between those who execute and those who lead. An approach that reduces management overhead while driving business results consistently.

About the speaker

Willem is the founder of The Human Entrepreneur where he works to keep entrepreneurs in the game by building successful entrepreneurs to run great companies that change the world.

He has a unique human-centric approach to business success. Business is not all about the customer, neither is it about the business. It is about designing a co-creational relationship between business, employees and customers. Working together to achieve individual goals and targets to the benefit of all.

Willem received his Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management through the University of Liverpool. His final dissertation focused on the application of various innovation methods within existing businesses. He has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and involved in the online industry for 22 years.

Based in South Africa, he is a dedicated father, avid reader and personal development junky.