Yugesh Frylinck | South Africa

Yugesh Frylinck | South Africa

Title: Technology Stream Chair

Company: The CX Group

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Technology and the rise of AI


Leveraging Tech to Put Customers First

We have spent the last couple of decades putting technology in place to distance ourselves from our customers by, encouraging “self-service” efforts and educating customers on how to engage with us. We also used technology to reduce the cost to service and try to ensure “cookie cutter” experiences. We had a “CRM” solution in place that lead us to believe that the customer is take care of. 


We need to use technology today and for the next couple of decades to bring our customers closer to us than ever. We need personalised relationships with customers that make us as matter to them. 


  • Insurance companies are becoming health advisors
  • Health companies are becoming gyms
  • Cellular companies are becoming Media businesses
  • Furniture companies are evolving to include technology and art
  • Data is becoming security systems
  • Pet food companies are evolving to include medical advice and jewellery and art.

As organisations we need to: 

  • Think, design and innovate using the “outside in” thinking
  • We need to have a far greater understanding of our consumers, not limited to our service or product only, we need to be “human centric”
  • Technology has allowed customers to engage quicker, smarter and effectively. We need to move quickly and dynamically. Be able to peel away the layers of interaction, understand how your segments behave, what they need and how they want to connect. 

Organisational evolution and innovation at the right speed is critical.  Business basics need to change.  This stream will explore the following: 

  • Is technology the answer? Will it replace people? 
  • What exits out there to support the experience economy?
  • Can technology help drive the customer experience strategy?
  • Can technology support the organisation through its transformation to sustainability?
  • Can technology help with defining the CX Roadmap? 
  • Who is using technology to enable the experience economy? 
  • What’s been the results.

About the Speaker

Yugeshree Frylinck is the owner and founder of The CX Group. The CX Group is a consulting, advisory and training company. Established in 2017 the business has had an opportunity to work with some powerful brands such as Ford SA, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, ABSA, Arena Holdings, Edcon and pnet to mention a few. The key to the business success is its solid in-depth understanding of the CX world and the ability to take this understanding and shape it into solutions for the corporate world. 

Yugesh, has a 20-year obsession with Customer Experience and is recognized as one of top CX experts in South Africa. She has worked in the corporate world within Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, IT, Retail, and the Media and Entertainment industries. Her experience spans the B2B, B2C and B2B2C models. Prior to founding The CX Group, plsyed roles such as Chief Customer Experience Officer and the Group Customer Experience Executive in the corporate world.

From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, her job is to guide you on the path to customer success. She is fuelled by her commitment to excellence and goes the extra mile to ensure clients are fully satisfied with our work.

The CX Group has been involved in projects such as sales strategy development, designing the sales experience, product design, customer experience strategy development, contact centre enhancements, CX training, employee and customer journey mapping, VOC program implementation and service design initiatives.

Her passion is customer experience. Her influencers are Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki and Raymond Ackerman. 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yugeshree-frylinck-cxpa-

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