Zine Torlage

Zine Torlage

Title: Customer Insights Manager

Company: Multichoice

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Customer Experience Driving Strategic Decisions


Do you take Customer Experience serious enough to change the strategic direction of your organisation? Do your leaders?


As the biggest Pay TV service provider in Africa our customers are king, we want to think and act customer first in everything we do.

A key goal of Customer Experience is to embed CX in the DNA of our organisation, ensuring customer insights lead all conversations we have and decisions we make.

We are the change agents who embark on a transformational journey to ensure we have focused success measurements on:
- Customer perception
- Customer needs
- Customer success

We previously only measured and reported The Voice of the Customer (customer perception). Our transformational process started by introducing Voice of the Process and Voice of the Employee (customer success).

This enables us to transition from being re-active to pro-active.

The success of Customer Experience (The Magic) lies in understanding the relationship between customer perception and customer success (process and employee measures).

It all comes down to customer success equals business success.
The ultimate measures of Customer Experience is:
- Reduced cost (simplification),
- Increased revenue (repeat business as well as attracting new business)
- Improved service levels (efficiency and alignment to the outcomes that deliver customer success)

We create the platform for a deeper understanding of our customers. Through this we enable our people to shift their perspective to be truly customer focused.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…

About the speaker

  • An engineer with a firing passion for Customer Experience
  • Industrial Engineering Hons
  • Certified Customer Experience Coach (CEM method)